Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wurzel ex Motorhead, RIP

Motorhead are pretty much the standard by which I measure all music, and one of the big appeals of Japanese hardcore, and particularly the Tokyo Burning Spirits scene, is the degree of shared sound with Motorhead.  I don't know if it has been reliably confirmed yet, but the rumor is going around that Wurzel passed away a few days.  While he had been out of the band for sometime now, even Lemmy remarked in the past that in the mid '80s Wurzel may have been more Motorhead in spirit than even Lemmy was.  The band lost a lot when he left, he was a great counterpoint to Phil Campbell and he took his busy stylized riffs with him.  I don't take much interest in celebrity death or put much value in internet memorializing, but when someone's whose music changed the way I hear all other music dies, it does get to me.  I felt similarly when Chelsea and Pig Champion passed away, definitely felt some serious denial at first.  Anyway, after Motorhead, Wurzel played on the second Disgust CD and released an ambient record that I didn't even know existed until today.  He also had a solo ep from 1987 that's worth a listen.

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