Sunday, July 10, 2011

Forward and Turtle Island outdoors, Gauze response to tsunami

Here are a couple recent videos that have been making the rounds.  First up, Forward and Turtle Island playing outdoors in Ueno at the Punks Were Made Before Sounds gig.  There's also footage on YouTube from the same show of Jabara, Piledriver, Spike Shoes, Hat Trickers, Pinprick Punishment, and Melt Banana.

And here is a recent video of Gauze.  Before they play, bassist Shin addresses the audience, as translated in the comments, "He talking about Ex SVS member is school teacher at Tohoku, and his school is using as shelter of Earthquake victims....1,000-yen/each T-shirts donate. And they are singing "We would like to cry, but we can't cry, because don't have a time to" and "Japan is Never Die!!"  The response of punks in Japan to the tsunami disaster has been quite moving, with people like Ko from Slang organizing relief work and punk flea markets popping up at shows as benefits.

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