Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Origin of M 12" out now

I'll make this look prettier tonight after work, but here's the crucial info for early adopters:

1 copy postpaid in the US, includes shipping: $9.50
1 copy postpaid to Europe: $18.50
paypal to buraicore@gmail.com

There is no special edition or tour edition, but the first round of mailorders get special bonus treats.
The band will have copies with them on tour and at Chaos In Tejas.

BCR-01 Origin of M 12"
Burai Core presents the first Origin of M 12"!  With similar speed and power as bands like FORWARD but with their own Hiroshima hardcore style, Origin of M has Mr Guy ex GUDON on vocals and Maru ex ASPHALT on guitar.  Raging sound and insightful lyrics, all new art by the master illustrator Sugi.  Originally released on CD by Under The Surface in 2008 and long sold out, this 12" also includes their song from the "Demented Anthem Hardcore Assemblage" compilation.  Includes digital download code.

Origin of M US tour 2011
June 2 - Chaos In Tejas after party at the Broken Neck w/ Tragedy
June 3 - Chaos In Tejas at Emo's w/ Doom, Kriegshog, Kieltolaki, Isterismo, Spazm 151, Mata Mata, Wild/Tribe
June 5 - Chaos In Tejas at Beerland w/ D-Clone, Kieltolaki, Crazy Spirit, Vaaska
June 6 - Denton, TX at Rubber Gloves w/ Slowmotions, Crazy Spirit, Perdition, and Wild/Tribe
June 7 - St Louis, MO at Rue 13 w/ Tenement, Chinese Telephones, and Shaved Women
June 8 - Milwaukee, WI at the Ground Zero, w/ See You In Hell, Lotus Fucker, Impatient, and Bored Straight
June 9 - Chicago, IL w/ See You In Hell and Lotus Fucker
June 10 - Detroit, MI at the Shelter w/ Nightbringer, xBrainiax, Wind of Death, Final Assault, Wells
June 11 - Cleveland, OH at Now That's Class w/ Wind of Death
June 12 - Pittsburgh, PA at Helter Shelter w/ Nightbringer
June 13 - Richmond, VA at Strange Matter w/ Parasytic and Aghast
June 14 - Baltimore, MD at the Barclay House w/ See You In Hell, xBrainiax and Lotus Fucker
June 15 - Philadelphia, PA at the Milcreek Tavern
June 16 - Boston, MA
June 17 - Brooklyn, NY at the Charleston w/ Agitator
June 18 - Portland, OR at the Know w/ Slowmotions, Crazy Spirit and PROBLEMS
June 19 - Portland, OR at the Branx w/ Slowmotions, Burning Leather, No Statik and Martyrdod

Friday, May 27, 2011

Origin of M 12" release on Tuesday!

I picked up the vinyl this morning, it's still in the trunk of my car so pictures will have to wait until tomorrow. It's going to be $9.50 postpaid (including paypal fee) in the US, payable to buraicore@gmail.com. I've been working on setting up the digital download code tonight, but now it's time to fold diapers and go sleep (glamorous, I know). In the meantime, you can now listen to the entire record here

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Releases

Got the latest batch of HG Fact releases.  First up is the Himei 7", reissue of their first self-released ep, now on split red/yellow splatter vinyl.  Bit reminiscent of the Stalin.  Next is the Zone CD/DVD.  Compiling their early 7"s and compilation tracks, I prefer the slightly rawer sound of this to their LP.  The DVD has live material from throughout the years.  Very nice package.  I've seen them twice, killer band, and I guess I was lucky because they have only played Tokyo a few times ever.  Burly, anthemic hardcore, the type I love.  Restocked the amazing Paintbox DVD.  Got a few Kriegshog discography CDs and already only have two left.  Compiles their demo, 7", both splits, LP and mystery bonus track, full booklet, great sound so you can hear all the distorted noise in crystal clarity.  Honestly really good, and I'm not really one for "raw lo fi D beat".  Kriegshog were many notches above that sort.  Playing their last show at Chaos In Tejas with a special guest second guitarist, Souichi from Forward.  And last but not least, the new Warhead single (front and back cover pictured).  Two noisy thrashers with guest guitarist Jacky from Framtid filling in.  Crucial as always.

Recent video of Warhead playing at the Studio Dom rehearsal space in Kouenji.  I can't even imagine what it would be like to see them in a tiny room like this.

Remember to include your zip code when reserving so I can calculate postage, email orders to buraicore@gmail.com, and check out the sale and regular lists below.

悲鳴 (Himei) s/t 7"  $11
Kriegshog CD  $16
Paintbox "Anarchy, Madness & Love" DVD  $28
Warhead "This World of Confusion/Acceleration" 7"  $6
Zone "Win Back To Sanity" CD/DVD  $21

Origin of M 12" nearing completion

The Origin of M 12" jackets arrived yesterday, the lyric sheets arrived a week or two ago, and I should have vinyl before Memorial Day.  So assuming there are surprises, I will start shipping them May 31st.  I will have prices up soon, just need to settle a couple little things.

They are playing three times at Chaos In Tejas including the first day's after party with Tragedy at the Broken Neck and will have 12"s for those shows (as well as tour).

Origin 12" jacket with 1984 Honda Interceptor 500