Sunday, October 25, 2009

v/a Demented Anthem Hardcore Assemblage

A quick Google search for "Demented Anthem Hardcore Assemblage" turns up page after page of download links, so clearly people are excited about this comp, and they should be.  This is the strongest compilation I've heard since 2002's "Tribute to Masami" (which was great, find a copy if you can).  While MRR tried to re-create the spirit of "Welcome to 1984" with the "Public Service" comp, I think this comes much closer to hitting the mark without intentionally trying to remake the past.  The international scope is narrower (sixteen Japanese bands, a couple of Canadians ones, and the rest are American), but the spirit and quality are higher.  There are no throw-away tracks, every band goes for it in their own way, and every one offers something different to check out.  I don't mean to oversell it, but I have been really excited about this ever since it entered planning a year and a half ago, and the results exceeded my expectations.  It has even nudged out "Trip Trance Traveling" to take up residence in my car's CD player.  Here's a track by track review by Dan from Lotus Fucker (although contrary to his opinion, the No Problem song is one of my favorites on the comp).  To bring it back to the intro, I can't imagine downloading this and enjoying it as much as the actual CD.  It has a big booklet with every band getting a full page.  Funny how times have changed, out of 27 bands only two included street addresses!

And now a brief interview with the man behind the Under The Surface label, Souichi of Forward:

Who made the name "Demented Anthem Hardcore Assemblage"?  
Todd Burdette (tragedy,shos, warcry)

Record Shop Base compared it to the famous international comp "Welcome to 1984", what do you think?  The cover reminds me of "My Meats Your Poison".  
It is my honor to hear people compare it to Welcome to 1984 because that comp is kinda legend.

Will it be released on vinyl? 
Now I'm planing to release it on vinyl, i know people want them.

How was the Unit 21 tour?  Did you organize it by yourself?
Yes I did. The tour was amazing.  Those boys are crazy dudes and they play loud. They are my favorite.

What is next for UTS?
The Slowmotions & Burning Leather split 7" check them out!!