Monday, September 28, 2009

Alliance interview and video

I did a small trade with HG Fact in 2001 for some copies of the 324/Corrupted/Discordance Axis CD, the second Tetsu Arrey CD, and I took a chance on a few copies of a CD by a relatively new band called Assault.  I was blown away right from the start, the opening bass line sounded almost like Youth Of Today, but then the music just exploded when the rest of the band came in.  I remember calling my friend Brad to tell him I had that comp CD he wanted and telling him to bring some extra cash because he was going to want the Assault CD too.  They played Ann Arbor a couple years later when they toured with From Ashes Rise, great show, one of the few held downstairs in the Launch skateboard shop the summer after State Control Records closed.  One of my dogs kept them up late relentlessly trying to lick them, like she did to every band that stayed over.  I seem to luckily run into their guitarist Osamu san every time I'm in Japan.  He recently toured with Paintbox filling in on guitar for the departed Chelsea, and since Assault broke up, he has been doing a band called Alliance who have a mcd coming out on HG Fact sometime soon.  I haven't gotten to see them yet, but here's a clip from Youtube.  We did this interview in a mix of English and Japanese, thanks to Kevin Hunt for translating the parts in parenthesis.  Thanks to a cooking demonstration involving him and hot peppers, I will never forget what chinpoko means.

Alliance at EarthDOM:

Who is Alliance?
Alliance member are Guitar: Osamu (me).  Bass:Haji Kushima (ex-Macrofarge, It's You, Asbestos.). Vocal: Tohru (ex-Frigora.).  Drums:now we seeking.  This year April Kentarou left the band.  Do you remember Kentarou? He and me are playing with 10 years. But this time we debate the course.  Now he is playing in another band, the name is "Auto Roll".  Bass player: Sakura from Judgement.  Auto Roll's sounds? I don't know.hahaha we are playing with support drumer.  His name is Yuki (ex-Colored Ricemen, now-Pigmen.)

What is "progressive hardcore"?  What is the sound?
"Progressive hardcore"...tonikaku ironna ongaku no ii tokoro wo kyushu shite atrashii katachi wo tsukuritai.  (
Anyhow, I'd like to the absorb various great aspects of music, and create something new.)

Are you making a recording?
Recording.  We finished only sounds. Now we making cover art working.  Its
 so difficult! mosugu dekiru kara matte kudasi.  (It'll be ready soon, so please wait.)  6 songs vinyl, release on H.G.Fact. maybe November...

How was playing in Paintbox, and will Paintbox continue?
Paintbox? I try very hard!!!  Valuable and splendid experience for me.  Mr Chelsea's guitar works is very difficult.  I did practice 7 months... tired. but now I'm happy! A
nd growth with Paintbox member, World Burns to Death.  They are nice guys! And Blow Back.  minna totemo yasashii takusan ooen shite kureta. honto niminna ni kansha shitemasu.  (Everyone was really nice, and they cheered for us a lot. We were really moved by everybody.)

Continue? I don't know...

Do you like dogs?  haha
I like dogs!  My favorite dog is japanese "shiba"dog. Do you know? I remember your dogs! peroperoperopero∞∞∞hahaha  ano koro watashitachi itte ita "inu yashiki" (That era was our "dog house")

Osamu with Paintbox: