Monday, March 22, 2010

new DSB split 7" and UDI 12"

I listed the leftover records from my old distro on a few message boards two weeks ago to see if anyone was interested, and the unexpected response proceeded to take over all my free time.  Now that the feeding frenzy has calmed down, I can get back to this, as well as getting the layout for the first Nightbringer 7" finished and sent off.  Next weekend I'll update the old distro list and make a linked page for it on this site.

But as for new stuff, the DSB/Assassinators 7" is out and its really good.  Two DSB tracks up to par, and the Assassinators remind me of Post Regiment, so great stuff on both sides.  Unfortunately the other news this week is that DSB are calling it quits after twenty years.  Some last shows are in the work, possibly abroad in addition to Japan.  Sad to see them go, but they say new bands are in the works.

On the Detroit side, Jeff from Hellmouth released the debut 12" from Detroit's UDI, a ripping thrasher indeed.  Only 300 pressed, so grab it while you can.  He pressed them at Detroit's Archer Record Pressing, making this a proper "Made In Detroit" production.

This week also saw the passing of Bruce Roehrs, steadfast columnist and reviewer for MRR.  I didn't know him, but I'm honestly sad that I'll never get to send him a Nightbringer 7" to review.  His sincere enthusiasm for hardcore, punk, and rock n roll transcended the printed page.  MRR has organized a memorial fund to have him buried in the place he wanted.  Help out if so inclined.  He was the definition of a lifer, no question.