Friday, February 4, 2011

Bastard / Paintbox / Super Frisky !!!

It isn't uncommon in the most productive scenes to find the same people involved in multiple projects, and the Japanese hardcore scene is no exception.

Using BASTARD as a starting point...

vocalist Tokurow is now in FIGHT BACK (with Iron Fist Tatsushima from CROW, GISM, DIE YOU BASTARD!, etc)
guitarist Zigyaku was in GUDON and SYSTEMATIC DEATH and went on to form JUDGEMENT
bassist Iizawa went on to JUDGEMENT, BUZZY 大和町バンド, and is now in RANGE AND THE DIRTY HOSPITAL and 鉄アレイ (Tetsu Arrey).
Zigyaku and Iizawa both played on OGREISH ORGANISM recordings with Pill from LIP CREAM. 
drummer Koba (aka Masaaki Sweden) was in SYSTEMATIC DEATH, DISARM, went on to ROCKY & THE SWEDEN, and is now in RYDEEN and SYSTEMATIC DEATH (if not more).

Bastard "No Hope In Here" official discography CD  $29.50
Fight Back/Hazard "Realities of Hardcore Punk" CD  $10.25
Gudon "Early Years" CD  $10.25

Systematic Death "Systema 6" 12"  $10
Systematic Death / See You In Hell 7"  $8.50
Judgement "Just Be" 7"  $5.50
Range & The Dirty Hospital CD  $11
鉄アレイ "14All All41" CD  $10

Ogreish Organism "" CD  $31
Ogreish Organism "偽物の時間" CD  $31
Ogreish Organism "4th Pill" CD  $15
Rydeen "AAAA" CD  $11

SUPER FRISKY is a relatively new band, their CD just came out, really great, the first thing to come to mind is a mix of the Comes (for the female vocals) and Motorhead-ish Japanese punk hardcore.

vocalist Yoko from AKUTARE
guitarist Keiro from AKUTARE, 鉄アレイ, and formerly EXTINCT GOVERNMENT
bassist Sakura from JUDGEMENT and SCREAMING HOG
drummer Kaki from 鉄アレイ

vocalist Jhajha from LIP CREAM and JUDGEMENT
guitarist 宇賀秀樹(MADORDEATH) 
bassist Ali (Deep Count)
drummer Kaki from 鉄アレイ

Super Frisky "For Buddy" CD  $28
鉄アレイ "14All All41" CD  $10
Judgement "Just Be" 7"  $5.50
Waterbed CD  $7.50

Lip Cream II DVD  $30.50
Lip Cream VII DVD  $30.50
all nine Lip Cream DVDs, poster, stickers special:  $250   --last set--
Lip Cream "Trash Til Death" CD  $27.50
Lip Cream "9 Shocking Terror" CD  $24

And that's just to start.  Add in the Death Side family tree and it seems to touch nearly every top tier Tokyo band by some degree of relation.

I should note that the Lip Cream complete DVD set is the last one I have and I don't intend to break it up.  I do a have some extra copies of the second and seventh DVDs to sell separately (two of the best in the series).  I have very limited copies of a lot of these things, particularly the Bastard, Super Frisky, Gudon, and Waterbed CDs, and I'm down to my last couple Lip Cream CDs as well.

And the Paintbox DVD is finally here!  31 songs from multiple shows, 146 minutes.  The opening clip is literally stunning, with the band in their early days playin炎 from the first single, looking like reclusive hippie wizards conjuring their otherworldly sound...  Just awesome.  The DVD goes through the rest of their career, including their trip to the US, the later shows with Akira from Continental Kids singing (while Mune was incarcerated) and ending with their final tour with Osamu from ALLIANCE playing guitar after Chelsea passed away.  Includes a booklet listing every show they played.  There's a lot here, including vacation footage from the US trip, I haven't even had the chance to really dig into it yet.  Worth every penny.  Limited copies, of course...  I'm also down to the last copies of the "Trip Trance, Traveling" CD, these are the first press in a gatefold cover (the repress was in a standard jewel case).

Paintbox "Anarchy, Madness & Love" DVD  $28
Paintbox "Relicts" 12"  $11.25
Paintbox "Trip Trance & Traveling" CD  $22.50
Paintbox "Trip Trance & Traveling" 2xLP  $19
Paintbox "/砂漠" 7"  $45
Paintbox "The Door/Provided Railroad" 7"  $55

v/a Burning Spirits 2004-2005 DVD  $24.50

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