Monday, January 31, 2011

Slowmotions at Chaos in Tejas and west coast tour!

Chaos in Tejas invariably brings a batch of Japanese bands to the US, and while the full line up hasn't been completely announced yet, the Slowmotions will be coming over for it and to do some shows on the west coast.  I've seen them twice, fantastic band.  Definitely a favorite and a nice break from the Motorhead/bands that sound like Motorhead that I listen to 90% of the time.  I really think these are some of the best punk songs being written these days. 

June 2nd Chaos in Tejas

June 3rd Chaos in Tejas
June 4th Chaos in Tejas
June 5th Chaos in Tejas
June 6th Dallas,TX
June 7th OFF
June 8th Phoenix,AZ
June 9th Los Angeles,CA
June 10th Orange County,CA
June 11th Bakersfield,CA
June 12th San Jose,CA
June 13th Oakland,CA
June 14th San Francisco,CA
June 15th Sacramento,CA
June 16th Arcata,CA
June 17th Seattle,WA
June 18th Portland,OR w/ Origin of [M]
June 19th Portland,OR w/ Origin of [M]

from the Burning Spirits 2006-2007 DVD

from the Dead Heat Disco 05 VHS

the Slowmotions/Burning Leather 7"  $6.25
the Slowmotions "Mystery Action" 7"  $8.75
the Slowmotions "ダイオルを回せ!" CD  $6
the Slowmotions "マケロベ / Yes, Future!!" 7"  $15
v/a Burning Spirits 2006-2007 DVD  $32

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