Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back from Japan update

I got back Monday from a short trip to Japan.  The jet lag is still messing me up, I feel like passing out at 5pm and can be wide awake at 5am.  I think making a trip like this is more difficult in the winter as you don't have much sunlight to help reset your clock.  I brought back as much stuff as I could, but the exchange rate was brutal (I heard a 20 year low), so some of it is unfortunately quite expensive.  The sued stuff is priced off what I paid for it, I haven't researched prices for anything, so if something seems unreasonable, email me and I'll consider offers in some cases.  But on to the good stuff...  I have Slowmotions/Burning Leather vinyl (including a handful of orange ones), but the covers were not printed yet when I left, so I'll put them up for sale when I get them.  The Slowmotions side is great as usual, the first Burning Leather song is a blatant lift of the riff to Motorhead "Keep Us On The Road."  The new DSB 12" is quite a package, gatefold jacket and it comes with a DVD of footage edited together from their European tour.  5 new songs (yes, all new songs!).  I've started going through the Lip Cream DVDs, I'll post more specific information on each as I watch them.  Each one is around 40 minutes.  Disk one has a show from 1984, all the songs are from the 7"s and "Kill The IBM" tape.  One camera that moves around a bit, very cool early footage.  Disk two raises the bar with the ACC video, good quality multi camera shoot, very high energy.  If anyone gets crazy and orders all six, I'll include the promo poster and sticker sheet for free.  The last three in the series should arrive sometime in the next month.  Disk seven is the classic "Lip Cream Only" video, so that's going to be very cool to have.  The Sticks In Throat CD is an older HG Fact release, but its one of my favorites so I picked up the last two copies he had.  Top notch burning sound, featuring Mikio and Naka currently of No Problem (and ex Geshpenst and Paintbox, respectively) and Kazu (ex Order/Slowmotions), one of the most distinctive guitarists in hardcore I can think of.  The new Systematic Death CD lives up to their legacy, I can't think of many other thrash hardcore bands that write such catchy and memorable songs.  This will be on vinyl from Feral Ward in the next couple months.  (I already sold out of the CDs, I'll see about getting more in a few weeks)  All sorts of good stuff in the "used" section.  The first two Paintbox 7"s are perfect records and my favorite songs from them.  The Rocky & The Sweden t shirt is dark grey and has the "League A Rise" design.  I would keep it for mysef but I already have it as a long sleeve.  As usual, new stuff is in orange, email me with your zip code to reserve items and I'll calculate postage.

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