Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bastard, Nemesis, Slang, Warhead, Nukkehammer

New stuff in!  All the Warhead presales have been shipped and I actually have one copy left.  $10 with other stuff or $12.50 postpaid by itself. (Warhead is sold out) Also have one copy of the European pressing of the most recent Slang LP, "Life Made Me Hardcore."  Completely different artwork, gatefold jacket.  $14.50.  Also got a handful of copies of the Nukkehammer 12" and 7", $14.50 and $4 respectively.  Cold War themed savagery from Ohio, influenced by Discharge and various Japanese classic bands.  Also got the Bastard "Controled in the Frame" 7".  Finally an official reissue after all the crap bootlegs, very nicely done with silver ink and slightly updated artwork, $5.50.  And last but certainly not least is the Nemesis 7", a new young band in the classic Selfish thrashing style, $4.50.  Prices don't include postage, email me with your zip code for a total,

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